What's on Cardross

As well as the chance to explore the many attractions in the surrounding area there are also plenty of activities to enjoy and take part in on Cardross throughout the year.


You can enjoy a good day’s fly fishing on The Forth which follows the southern edge of Cardross.  Permits can be purchased directly from ourselves by emailing enquiries@cardrossestate.com.

Additionally, Cardross is situated just to the south of the Lake of Menteith, which has its own fishery and hosts the National Fly fishing Championships in Scotland.  For more information about permits and boat hire visit their website.


Dunmhor Sporting Ltd is run by one of our tenants and guests can take full advantage of the sporting packages they have to offer. For more information contact the Dunmhor team at enquiries@dunmhorsporting.com.


People are at the heart of the community here at Cardross, that is why we are always delighted to support as many inspirational local businesses as possible including those of local residents Gartur Stitch Farm and Green Aspirations.  

Gartur Stitch Farm

Gartur Stitch Farm is home to Kat and Kevin Goldin, along with their lovely children and a plethora of animals.

They have lived on the farm for the last 5 years and have built a business based on the philosophy of a “Life in the making”.  Not only can you buy their farm made products, but you can also enjoy learning key skills including cheesemaking and poultry keeping right from the comfort of your own home.  Simply visit their website to find out more about this blossoming business.

Green Aspirations

Green Aspirations is social enterprise on a mission to inspire outdoor learning and encourage people to care for the environment as well as their mental health.  Sessions are run for community groups, children of all ages, adults and crafters all with a focus on keeping traditional skills alive, developing an appreciation of the woodlands and encouraging sustainable living.